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This stunning abandoned villa is the only survivor of ancient Malta in the chaos of Sliema. The villa was built in the late 19th century and this is a rare example of Maltese Palladianism, a style cataloged by the architect Francesco Zammit. Palladianism is known for its references to ancient Roman temples, symmetries and rigid mathematical proportions.

The villa was built by the Marquis Casimiro Drago V, initially this was used as a summer residence and later this was used as an Arab / Libyan Cultural Center, before falling into oblivion.

Entering the abandoned villa is simple, but everyone sees it. We are located in the center of the island, in a very populous area full of trendy shops. So, put your best fucking face on and go. I advise you to go through the back, you have to cross the old tennis courts.

Once inside the property you will still remain in sight and you will have to hurry to reach the main building to be able to hide. When I went, the villa was completely wide open. Inside there is still a decent decoration. I would have expected some frescoes, but it’s all painted white.

In some rooms we can find beautiful antique furniture. The almost intact fireplace in the living room on the first floor is also very nice.

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