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We are in Germany, in Pirna. On the outskirts of this small town, in a large park, my attention is drawn to some large abandoned buildings. These large concrete constructions are surviving parts of a large company.

Collected in a large building, the offices are empty and uninteresting, only a staircase fascinates me.

The canteen, a building on the sidelines, is one of the few remaining of the production complex built between 1956 and 1958, in which the engines of the first German passenger plane, the “152”, were produced.
After the end of the GDR aviation industry in 1961, the factory produced flow and power systems such as VEB Turbo Machines Pirna. The reinforced concrete framed building, built in the style of post-war modernism, has stood empty ever since.

In addition to the two large canteens with their period chandeliers arranged on the two floors of the building, what makes the building special is the staircase.
Curved and enclosed in a semicircular window, the walls are frescoed with precious representations on the theme of “flight and flight”. The vintage chandeliers are in keeping with the design of the historic building.
A shame to erase the history and architecture of these structures.

Indeed, since 2012 these buildings have been converted and marketed for residential purposes by LOFT-Projekt Pirna GmbH.

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