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I am pleased to see that, after about 5 years, some urban explorers are starting to appear in Malta, even if in line with the new generations, of which Italy is also rapidly populating: those who are looking for nothing and do not find nothing, outside of what they see on social media.
Here comes requests from a lot of Maltese who instead of studying and traveling their territory in search of forgotten places, prefer to beg for locations to those who have visited them.

As indeed many Italians are doing.

This abandoned farm is very visible because it is located along one of the busiest and most clogged roads at various times of the day.

I must admit that, from the outside, it didn’t promise too much but, you know, urban exploration is a continuous discovery and requires dedication. You have to be daring, waste time, be curious, and sometimes you are rewarded.
Definitely not one of those places to cry for a miracle, but I challenge anyone in all my urbex contacts to find an abandoned Rabbit club!

Initially, I thought it was a rabbit hunter club. In fact, the Maltese rabbit is one of the most popular dishes on the island and the hunters are a very strong lobby, second only to that of the builders.

But I was wrong …

With a quick online search, you can discover the true story of this abandoned farm: the Rabbit Club.

It was born in 1963, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of rabbits as farm and domestic animals. I admit that it amazed me. In Malta, with very little attention to animals and a delay of ten years for everything related to animal rights, I cannot imagine how back in 1963, a handful of heroes could have tried to raise public awareness of an animal that has always been seen only as prey.
They held out and today they even have a Rabbit Zoo inside the Petting Farm in Ta’-Qali!

Proof that in Malta, in the midst of so many hard trials, one can go against the tide.

And to the new Maltese urbexers I suggest: take a car or a moped and turn, explore, observe, ask in bars, discover your territory and document it before politics destroys everything!

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