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“Melancholy is the autumn of pain. The invisible spider that creates its gray web in the places where we were happy and from which happiness has fled.”

This was my first emotion, after crossing the field burnt by the August sun. In front of me, the twisted gate and barbed wire marked the boundaries of the great garden.
A once-red blanket lay out to dry, discolored by the seasons. The abandoned villa conveyed melancholy memories. The mansion was abandoned in the tall grass and peeling garden furniture.
A 1960s Citroën AMI 6 is parked in the garage next to the tool shed.
At the back of the building, an open window invites me to enter.
I am immediately greeted by the intense stench of mold that infests the beautiful library. The showcase and shelves are full of volumes and frame a graceful fireplace surrounded by brown velvet armchairs.

A lot of rubble has fallen from the ceiling, I suppose there must be a significant infiltration of water from the roof.
The dining room with an antique sideboard and a beautiful ceramic stove. The drawers are crammed with silverware and solid silver items, it seems incredible that they are still there. Some seventeenth-century paintings are damaged by mold and humidity. I find the armchairs and a sofa, a piano, a chest of drawers and a large Empire-style secretary.
On the first floor, I find numerous well furnished bedrooms, I pay attention to the numerous solid silver lampshades and the bookcases full of books and family photos.
I discover that the roof of the building is in good condition and the infiltrations are due to the breakage of the water pipes or the heating systems, perhaps the frost and lack of maintenance.
Reading some letters I discover that this villa was recently abandoned, someone still lived here until 2016. By doing additional research, I discover that the daughters are lawyers with offices in Paris. Why was this beautiful abandoned villa, with its treasures, left to itself?

Will happiness be gone? We will never know. I go away with so much melancholy. I have the impression that this abandoned villa was a place of happy memories.

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