On the way to a completely different place on our pre-arranged travel itinerary in France, we were lucky enough to look into an “additional” place. When planning a route, looking through online maps, from time to time the list of places that we would like to see is filled with so-called “checks”. These marks are scattered on our maps in a chaotic manner. If the navigator sends us along the streets near the “check” during a trip, there is a good opportunity to check whether the place is really abandoned, or just seemed to be. Sometimes it happens that people do live there, sometimes it happens that restoration has already begun, or everything is abandoned, but completely closed … Here we were lucky enough and we were able to get inside.

We couldn’t find any information about the history of this abandoned castle, but it was a good warm-up for our long trip.

A completely empty house, but how much color it contains … All rooms are different and bright. The pool is still intact, and a plush staircase winds up and down. I’ve heard that now it is sold and renovation works has started.

Let’s hope that he will come back to life and brighten up someone’s everyday life with “happy” colors.

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We are two. Him and Her. A man and a woman, husband and wife. We are open and adventurous. We are not athletes and far from the best photographers. We are searching, we are learning, we are developing, we travel, we look for adventures... As soon as you start exploring, you realize that there is a whole world of abandoned places... It is different, it does not look real, there is something that is hidden, something that will never become public... secrets, memories, and the irreversibility of being. We do have a thirst for risk and boundless curiosity to find out what is hiding there, further, behind seven seals and locks... and we want to escape from the harsh pragmatic reality, to hide, to feel that we touch the past, to open the curtain of dust, to turn back time and to tell you the stories..

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