During our annual trip to France, we managed to get an access to this abandoned house. More precisely, two houses separated by a narrow path.

One of the houses, a two-story villa, was completely abandoned and destroyed by vandals. Broken windows, dubious paint-splattered art on the walls, collapsed doorways … nothing of interest.

But house number two – the same villa, a little older than its broken neighbor, hid the remnants of its former luxury.

Straight in front of the house there is a neighbor, tired of the constant visits of local youth, brawls and drunkenness, is tirelessly vigilant day and night. Any car with “non-local numbers” gets a careful inspection and threats to call the gendarmes. And, the huge problem of a small town is that there is only one entrance to this villa – in front of the neighbor’s window :).

We arrived early before dawn, parked three streets away from the abandoned house, found the necessary hole in the fence in the semi-darkness, and got inside.

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We are two. Him and Her. A man and a woman, husband and wife. We are open and adventurous. We are not athletes and far from the best photographers. We are searching, we are learning, we are developing, we travel, we look for adventures... As soon as you start exploring, you realize that there is a whole world of abandoned places... It is different, it does not look real, there is something that is hidden, something that will never become public... secrets, memories, and the irreversibility of being. We do have a thirst for risk and boundless curiosity to find out what is hiding there, further, behind seven seals and locks... and we want to escape from the harsh pragmatic reality, to hide, to feel that we touch the past, to open the curtain of dust, to turn back time and to tell you the stories..

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