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Often, you don’t have to go far to find nice places and, sometimes, you are surprised just outside your home, despite Switzerland being a country with poor abandonment.

It certainly does not have the opulence and splendor that I am used to, but in its simplicity it is pleasant and even reserves a surprise.
These are those places that you find by chance, by hearsay inside the small village bars.

The small abandoned church is hidden in the woods and, to reach it, you have to walk an old uphill path.
Typical religious building with a stone facade, a tile roof and a small bell tower.
The interior is small in size and quite poor.
Beautiful, the ancient wooden altar, with trompe l’oeil carvings and decorations, framed by a balustrade.
Few furnishings and furnishings remained.

Despite the simplicity of the building, it is very ancient and of historical interest. Built in the mid-1600s, it was dedicated to the town’s patron saint.
Given its historical and cultural interest, there is a desire to restore it.

Ah, I forgot about the surprise!
There is a small crypt hidden under the floor with some human remains … they always have their charm!

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