We’ve always been in love with decay and abandoned buildings, created and lived before they felt into the oblivion. They are hidden gifts (or “ASCOSI LASCITI”, in a re-discovered archaic language)

Veiled in the shade, this places slowly fell into the anonymity.
We should pay more attention in order to report them and to reveal their value.
Here we are. We should change our point of view and ABANDON ourself to a metamorphosis.
That is the ocular chrysalis. The moment when your sight has the most umbelievable epiphany. And you begin to notice every abandoned things around you.
Stupor, adrenaline, melancholy, exaltation: just a few of the emotions pervading the minds of those who go beyond the thresholds of “worn by tears” places.
Urbex, call it, from urbain exploration. We like to call it “rediscovery”.
It is the exploration of hidden gifts… the “Ascosi Lasciti”.

Why does this “trash” excite us so much?Gotta ask our member Jonathan, who introduced into crunchy or unpromising abandoned villas and faces these splendid frescoed corridors
Or simply ask Elvira, who traveled miles into crumbling industrial and military structures, before capturing MASTERPIECES of mechanic, vintage trains and real historical relics.
Could you remain indifferent walking through the ironclad beds of former hermitages, among the old hospitals or forgotten souls of abandoned graveyards?
It takes a good deal of courage to face, as our Stefano, those intense sufferings.
Look at the “cursed church” , where he peeped into!
There are different forms of gratification that move our internal engine.  To be stunned in front of extravagant noble halls of ancient castles, shiver from the skin through dark rooms of old prisons, or shake your arms, like a baby, in front of tanks and dismantled powerboats.
In the end there is only one real energy behind theese activities : curiosity.
We preserve a child in our soul. We jealously guard it and loudly claim it.


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