Biography of Naomi Buonazia (Elvira Macchiavelli):
“I started using the nickname of ‘Elvira Macchiavelli’ since 2007 to sign my photographs, videos (with the original dark music of Uzbazur) and stories about abandoned places. I’m 23 years old and I’m studying science in Florence. I also like to write and I’m constantly updating my youtube channel “Where Elvi production urbex trip”, and the Urbex blog at Info! And I’m among the founding members of the website www.esplorazioniurbane.it. I write three different columns on the site: memories of Places, (to which every explorer can contribute by sending me his writing to the story of a place), twilight abandonment (collection of poems and stories about decadence) and library of new psychiatry (to recall manicomial history with alternative proposals …). I collaborate with the Ascosi Lasciti website and I published the first edition of my book ‘Urban Exploration. The Ethics of Abandoning’ in 2015, followed by a new edition in addition to some photographic exhibitions at San Vincenzo, Volterra and Fratta Polesine. I also participated at the ‘European Photography’ festival in Reggio Emilia in 2015 and 2016.
In 2014 I was interviewed for the Spanish documentary on urban exploration ‘Buscadores del olvido’ and from the Urbexpain site, and in the same year I collaborated to the short movie ‘Spirit of Decay’ thanks to ‘MacLads production’.
In addition to exploring, I attend the University of Science of Primary Education in Florence.
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