Hi, I m the founder of Ascosi Lasciti.
Since childhood I’m in love with forgotten places, often they were my favourite playing field.
I do not identify myself in the term “urban explorer” often linked only to the aesthetic research for abandonment, but rather prefer “urban explorator“, improperly linguistic, but more evocative.
I decided to create a blog that serves as a database to gather my own experiences with other urban explorers. I’ m engaged in videomaking, photography and graphic design. Another passion / job is to document the consequences of environmental disasters on man and nature.

Ever since I was a kid I introduced myself down into cellars, abandoned houses and all those places where nature was slowly coming back and the presence of man was evanescent.
Growing up, overlooking the world of art, literature and photography, I realized that the passion that drives my mother crazy, grew in line with the possibility of traveling and was just connected to the love for the human being, whose essence is revealed only in his vestiges, when nature recovers them and makes them complex and full of meaning.
Sometimes these human ruins are the main character of the scene and reveil the unknown forces to the visitors that roam in those places. Here are the stories of ghosts and paranormal phenomena that I was looking for until few years ago and I have always recognized as further signs of human presence.

So I began my research and I hope that this trip in the charm of the decadent can make you fall in love… as happened to myself. “