This is a “team inside the Team“. It is born as an exploration group in the south italian country “Abruzzo”, even if it is grown up.
The official members are Valerio Fanelli and Christian Catinello.

Christian, is born in Pescara. He was born in 1981. He is passionate about abandoned place since child. He is an amateur photographer. He is member of important local photograph associations.  He presented is personal photo exhibition about abandoned villas, hospytal and asylum, waterpark and factories. He exhibited photos on the theme of abandoning the Stripe and Architectural Festival in Fermo; He brought a personal exhibition on the subject of abandoned trains and cars at the Savini Archaeological Museum in Teramo in the summer of 2015 and he has a staff on the same theme at the Ex Aurum Museum in Pescara, in the winter of 2016.

Valerio wanted to present directly to his audience:
“Hi, I’m Valerio. I was born in Potenza but I’ve been living in Pescara for many years. I graduated from the art institute at the address of photography and today I’m continuing to cultivate this passion. I like to go to the region where I live and beyond, to photograph and to know places, especially those abandoned! This passion has brought me to know Alessandro and to be part of this fantastic team! ”

…a fantastic team, made as entertaining figures as these two reporters.