For more then 7 years, a Russian-Ukrainian couple – Olga Sorukhanova and Vladimir Kouksov have been traveling around Europe to find and capture the beautiful abandoned houses and amazing places. They have always been passionate about the surroundings, something created by human hands, and by some reason thrown away, plundered, neglected, forgotten. From ghost towns left in dust to incredible haunted manors in France or palaces in Italy, from huge factories and power plants in Belgium or Germany to Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, they try to capture the beauty of decay.

Who is Chiffa?” – you may ask.
“Chiffa is a small silvery fox. A very cunning critter. It’s so cunning that it’s almost impossible to catch him. There is only one way: chiffas are as curious as they are cunning. If a hunter stops behaving like a hunter and begins to do something out of the ordinary, like standing on his head or juggling with his own boots, for example, then there’s a chance that chiffa will leave his hideout to see what’s going on. But this will only trick young, inexperienced chiffas. Old chiffas will only buy a real miracle.” © “The Labyrinths of Echo” series by Max Frei

When nature takes over human structures it creates a unique and unreal atmosphere. It is different, it does not look real, there is something that is hidden, something that will never become public, secrets, memories, and the irreversibility of being.
It’s feels like a time travelling.
And there is still so much mysterious, unknown, and interesting ahead.





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