Stefano Barattini Born in Milano 1958 jan 4th .

Studies: architecture at politecnico in Milan I started taking pictures in 1979, when I took up travelling. Since then, in my life, photographs and journeys merged together in an indissoluble bound. I begin my five year cooperation with the magazine Mototurismo in 1990, followed by that with Scooter Magazine, where I published several journey features and some additional articles on the scooter world. After a pause for reflection, at the time when digital era was coming to life I went back to taking pictures taking advantage of the new technologies available. My focus was still on journeys and especially on Africa. Architecture (with a special interest for the rationalist period) and the ever growing suburban spaces, where human presence is, in my shots, absent most of the times, are themes that I cover periodically. I’ve been photographing for about 4 years abandoned places with great interest and satisfaction. These places present a unique charm, resulting from lights and shadows, dust, odors and great silence, and most of all from memories. It is indeed such memories, these traces of the past, that I quest and I capture with my camera, getting lost in the surroundings trying to find the appropriate framing and the right light to best represent them. They are a sort of parallel universe close to us that photography contributes to bringing back to life for an instant.

Books : 2015 – Beyond the factory 2017 – Portraits of Dust. Distributed by Hoepli – ISBN: 9786009898060 EVENTS 1° price competition Città di Mortara 2016 – urban exploration theme 1° price portfolio reading into Giornata Sperimentale di fotografia 2016 Code MIA 2017 Mention in portfolio reading – Milano Photo Festival 2017