corridoio-1We come from Sardinia and we all have got the same passion for Photos, adventures and urbain exploration. We simply follow our rules:
1. Gotta preserve our locations.
2. Shell not leave anything except our fingerprints.
3. Report places’ tales.

“What’s up! I’m Tanoz, ’85 generation; I grew up watching “The Goonies”, “Princess bride” and “Indiana Jones. I wish i was born as a pirate of carabbean to explore the entire world and looking for “One piace”. I found in urbex activities everything I love. I practice it with my bros Marco & Claudio.”

“I’m Marco Moro, born in ’84 and grew up around world war country’s ruin. My dad loved shooting through Sardinia’s lands. I completed his passion thanks to urbain exploration. My first photo-sets were rock and stones of abandoned castles. Now I share this hobbie with Tanoz and Claudio. We are Cinghial_crew of Ascosi Lasciti.”

“My name is Claudio. I’m ’89’s boy. I share my passion with my family. I got it in my DNA. I knew my friends Marco and Tanoz after my favourite gift i’ve ever received: my first Nikon. I use Her to report every abandoned place I decide to visit to.
cinghial stemma
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Pic: Marco & Claudio. Videos: Tanoz. Textes: Tanoz & Marco.