Lorenzo Jedermann

Born (1982) and raised in Naples, university studies in Foreign Languages and Literature, he worked as a translator, interpreter, journalist, without interrupting his academic activity. Currently he works as a research fellow and a university lecturer and teaches modern and contemporary German literature. A central topic of his research is the metropolis as a literary subject, which nourished his interest in topographical, sociological and anthropological studies, with a special attention to relationships between urban centres and suburban areas. So it cannot be a coincidence if, almost simultaneously, he rediscovered his old enthusiasm for the exploration of abandoned places: ghost towns, ruins, former factories and further disused buildings. Such a fascination originated in his childhood as a funny game and partially as an effect of his taste in horror movies. In his adulthood, this passion has become a methodic search for forgotten spaces to photograph and narrate, although he firmly intends to preserve an emotional approach, without any professional ambition. Such an activity can be hard and sometimes dangerous in some Southern regions of Italy, but, at the same time, it is stimulating and surprising, given the huge amount of abandoned infrastructures and towns, that in some cases stay unknown and very often are forgotten and left to their fate.
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CONTACTS: info@derivesuburbane.it