Hi, My name is Alexander Bentlage.
I live in the Netherlands in a small village about 11 kilometers from Rotterdam. A few years ago a friend of mine said let’s go to Urbex. I did not quite know what it was and after a google search assignment I saw the most amazing pictures pass by. One of the first hits was Manicomio Di R.’s famous chair. I thought if you could shoot that, you’re really the king. Two years later, I made the picture myself and was completely addicted to exploring old abandoned buildings and factories. The adventure, the tension and the photography made Urban Exploring the perfect combo. My preference is for industry and factories to fascinate that technique. Italy is my favorite Urbex country partly by the friendly people, the lovely climate but also the most amazing locations and abandoned buildings. It’s really a Urbex walhalla. On one of my trips I met Alessandro Tesei and since then we have become big friends. He asked me to write reports on this amazing website and I was very honored to do that. You are going to see many more sports and photos of me in the future.
Greet. Alexander.