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foto 2It was an hot weekend in June, and we travel to document the abandonment of a villa, discovered by chance by a friend of us, not of our area. The residence is isolated and surrounded by vegetation and therefore is not easy to notice it immediately. It is located in a large park, close to a small restaurant.
It is said that the house was owned by a woman and then, her lover took possession of the place. He had a passion for the game. The gambling debts led the man to a crazy gesture: it was found hanged. Since then the villa is for sale at bankruptcy auctions. Entry to the property is not easy and further difficulties are due to the fact that the main entrance and several windows are boarded up with planks of wood from the inside.
Once inside it looks a fairly dark and the first room we meet should be a kitchen.

Continuing the visit, after a door, we find the staircase that leads to the first floor. Top of the stairs, on the wall on the right, there is a fresco ruined by the time that seems to show a mountain landscape with a bare tree in the foreground and a lake and mountains in the background. After the staircase, with great astonishment, we are immersed in a large room with frescoed ceilings, full of arches and columns with Doric capitals. Other rooms are connected by corridors at the main room, empty but with interesting frescoed ceilings. The house and its beautiful frescoes unfortunately are suffering slowly the attack of time, mold and moisture.

One day the house will be renovated or maybe there will be more. Certainly the frescoed walls need expensive restoration works. But despite these thoughts in our mind, we leave the property with a barely concealed smile, a sign that we were very pleased by this discovery.

Ascosi Lasciti Abruzzo :Β Christian Catinello

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